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At Sorrentia’s Salon we are here to pamper you and give excellence in hair and skin care! While keeping up with todays hair fashions, we are making sure your hair and skin are healthy and beautiful. We desire to create an atmosphere and experience you want to share with everyone you know!

About Us...


We offer...

Along with creating the latest hair trends, keratin, protein treatments, 

partial/full weaves, wigs, precision cuts, hair coloring and much more; we specialize in helping our clients to maintain, retain and regrow healthy hair. 


We also have speciality services

with "The Hair Doctor",

cosmetologist, trichologist

Sorrentia T. Harris specializing in scalp manipulations, electrode rake treatments, microscopic scalp analysis and custom hair serums. Hair Doctor Harris desires to see women with hair problems such as hair thinning, constant shedding, alopecia, hormonal issues and scalp disorders; see their hair and scalp healed, healthy, growing

and restored!


We also have...

We have esthetician services to achieve and maintain beautiful youthful looking skin! Electrode treatments, facials: steam, sugar and regular with the best skin care products for a superior

feel and finish.


We offer products for skin and hair care to maintain the wonderful experience you will have each time you visit our salon. 


Hours of Operation

Sundays -Closed

Monday- Closed

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